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Have you heard of the term “White Glove”?

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The term “White Glove” requires an impeccable attention to detail. When I think of white glove, I think of the fine art galleries that use white gloves to examine and handle valuable artwork. Or at an archeological site, where white gloves are use to handle valuable artifacts and burial remains.

The idea of white glove at Hilton carries that same meaning if you look at the attention to detail required when inspecting items that have been received at our receiving and delivery department. We call it “White Glove” because we in fact use white gloves to insure we do not damage the received items in any way, even with the oils on our hands.

When you hire Hilton Moving and Storage for your receiving and delivery you can expect to get “White Glove” service. Our team of receiving inspectors will take extra care in the receiving, inspection and the handling of your valuable items. You can rest assured that your items will be examined with a careful eye and you will get a complete report on the condition on your items.

We are Naples top receiving and delivery company for a reason. Our customers come back time and time again because they know they are getting the best receiving services.

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